Q: A lot of couples I know say they regret not investing in a good photographer for their wedding. Why is this so common?

A: This is my motto; invest in memories, quality, quantity, and someone you know you can trust. Clients who love their photos have never complained about the price. 


Q: I like images that are warm and contrasted but I don't want my skin or hair turning a different color?

A: Neither do I. My editing style is contrasted, with a warm (or "golden") color vibe, delivering a warm skin complexion. I tend to help my couples not look like a ghost. I will also be very directorial towards you and your wedding party. My style is authentic and warm, earthy tones. You WILL feel comfortable in front of me, and I'll make sure there are genuine laughs and smiles.

Q: What is your turn around time?


A: Any lifestyle session other than weddings, you can expect a 1-2 week turnaround, although I do my best to finish earlier. Wedding gallery turnaround is up to 6 weeks.

Q: Can we order prints of your images or does that cost extra?

A: You have the option to order prints, save the dates, canvases, etc. from the Online Album/Gallery provided by me, you're ALSO provided the print release.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, I do not. I get rid of duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. You can be rest assured that I am not gonna skimp out on delivering, I want you to have these shots more than you want the shots, haha. 


Q: What do we wear to our shoot?

 A: Wear what is comfortable. If you never wear dresses and find it uncomfortable then don’t. I would say that neutrals are always safe, (think earthy tones) but once we get started in our process I will provide my outfit selection guide + my expertise.

Q: How do we pick photo locations?

A: Making this experience unique + personable to anyone who invests in my brand is my ultimate goal. Majority of the time, my clients let me choose ALL the locations, spots, etc. I do my best to describe and pinpoint where we shoot. But typically, I shoot in a  woodsy or "naturist" vibe. This reflects on the photographer you've invested. Every lifestyle investment allows you to choose UNLIMITED locations..but the MORE you have, the shorter each spot will be for shooting. 


Q: Do you shoot Events? 

A: Yes I do! Send me and email to hear all the details!


Q: Can you photoshop me to look skinny?

 A: I get asked this all the time! The answer is no, sorry, but I can say with absolutely confidence that I'm highly skilled in "shaping/sculpting" the body. Fancy way of saying you'll appear more flattering (never had a complaint about that, LOL).


Q: How do you deliver your photos and how many do we get?

A: I deliver high resolution photos on an online gallery. This gallery allows you to download + share your images, share the gallery ITSELF with friends + family, and allows you to order your prints/canvases/save the dates, etc.

Q: How many images do we receive from our wedding or lifestyle session?

A: I don’t have a set number on how many photos you will receive, but I never leave anything out. I don’t put a cap or a limit on what I will deliver. Every wedding/session is different and varies from the last & numbers are always changing. If you would like to see some galleries please feel free to ask. I am happy to send over a few so you can get an idea on what I deliver. For your lifestyle session, IF you come prepared (girls, this means make-up, clothes, requested items from photographer, etc., and guys...bring a happy attitude and a smile) then you're likely to get a LOT more back. 

Q: Do you help us with our wedding day timeline?

A: ABSOLUTELY! With any of my wedding collections, you're provided my infamous 8 PAGE WEDDING GUIDE that encompasses every vendor hired, # of guests/family attending, locations for venue/ceremony/getting ready, etc. It also has a huge timeline layout on the back. Usually ONE week or TWO weeks before the wedding, we can meetup or do a FaceTime/Skype call to go over all the final details. I will provide feedback + info on how I perform my services and even my best recommendations for photo timeframes (capturing the couple, then wedding party, formal family photos, etc.)


Q: Do you give out RAW/UNEDITED photos?

A: Nope, sorry. Under no circumstances will raw/unedited files be distributed to anyone at anytime. I work very hard to deliver my images that stay true to my style.

Q: Does the photographer retain the copyright to the images? Does that mean we can share them?

A: It states in my contract that by agreeing to the proposal, the couple (or individual) is also agreeing to the fact that ANY photos taken are copyrighted to Forrest Seuser Photography and that I have the right to use the images for social media, promotion, advertising, website content and marketing purposes. If this is something you do NOT feel comfortable with please let me know.

Q: Can we share our images on social media?

A: YOU FOR SURE CAN! One of the things that makes my heart skip a beat is seeing all your photo being shared on social platforms. The ONLY thing I ask is for you to tag/mention my photography accounts (Instagram + Facebook). You can ALSO mention my website too. 

Q: Can you shoot our engagement session if you're not available on our wedding day?

A: OF COURSE! Just fill out my "Lifestyle Experience" contact form and choose 'Couples' for the selected experience.

Q: Can I edit the photos after I receive them for social media purposes?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Unfortunately this is something I have to bring up, but once you receive your online gallery, the images will stay the way they are. If I noticee your images have been altered, edited, or retouched in ANY WAY...I have the right to ask you to remove it. If you don't comply, we will be forced into legality issues. Yes...this has been an issue in the past, BUT PLEASE READ THE PRINT RELEASE. It's there for specific reasons.


Q: How do I book you?

A: The best way to book me, is by bringing be Caribou or Starbucks. HAHA, JK, the best way to book is getting in touch by filling out the contact form! Once we get past all the questions & details, I will send you a contract that you will go over, and sign. After all that, we can get to the good stuff and talk about your dream session! EVERY SESSION REQUIRES A 50% BOOKING FEE, and weddings require $750 down. 

Q: Do your prices include tax?

A: Taxes will be ADDED to your proposal package + wedding collection when applicable.

Q: How do you accept payment?

A: I use an online booking system where you have access to your contract, invoice, and can make payments with your credit/debit card. Otherwise, I can do VenmoPayPal, and EVEN Facebook Messenger.


Q: Does it cost us/me to have you travel for our wedding or lifestyle session?

A: If the location for your wedding OR lifestyle session is within 60 minutes outside of Minneapolis, MN, then I am happy to serve you without an added travel fee! If the travel is MORE than 60 minutes from me, $0.75/mi travel fee is applied. Please email for further details on traveling!


Q: What if I have to cancel my session?

 A: This is why I require a non-refundable booking fee, it covers the cost of a cancelled session. 

If I've answered all of your questions + you're ready for your experience, let's DO THIS BABES!! ------> BOOK ME FOR A LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE or BOOK ME FOR YOUR WEDDING DATE <3

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